You will be invited to go on trips if you:

  • Trained 9/17 or 10/6
  • Have handed in all paperwork/permission forms
  • Have been active in the club
  • will be trained the morning of trip
  • Actively & enthusiastically participate in courtyard cleanup

You will receive the amount of points for the trip if you were present the whole time & according to evaluation (6 points maximum).

Trip Dates:
  • October 13th
  • October 18th
  • October 20th
  • November 3rd

    • Permission slip returned to Ms. Fantini!!!
    • Training completed
    • Communicate with teachers/coaches about the trip & get assignments
    • Your own transportation/carpool to park before & after trip. Day 1: 7:30am-8:30pm,
    • Be on time or you will receive an unexcused tardy - just like school. Be on time or you may be sent back to school!
    • Bring your own NO Waste Lunch and snacks, reusable water bottle, layers of clothing and proper shoes.
    • A NOTE is needed if you are going to be late or leave at anytime, telling me times and who is transporting. Communicate!
    • A teacher must sign a pass if returning to park

DURING Trip:**

    • SAFETY, LEARNING, FUN are the main goals.
    • NO CELL PHONES - school rules apply. If kids have phones, tell them the cell radio waves harm the deer population at Robbins Park.
    • Your JOB = counselor, positive leader & role model, segway to adults, rule enforcer.
    • General RP rules: no gum in park, keep out of gardens, stay off- signs, bricks, walnuts, no picking, you are the leader, they always stay behind you in the middle of the trails. Use a quick quiet sign or role taking sign. Show respect for the park and each other.
    • Any Situation: report all to me.
    • You are expected to know:
robbins Environmental Park Map.jpg

    • Park Map Layout: know your station locations

  • You will be expected to set up & clean up during the trips. There will be a few minutes at the end of the trip for discussion & feedback about your observations. You will be dismissed by an adult in charge. Board members will stay behind for counselor evaluations.

YOU are NOT permitted to miss PSSA or AP tests to come on a spring trip!
If you are NOT trained or did NOT help with MAN-A-CAN, you will not be able to participate on the trip and will be sent back to school!