Here you can check how many points you have so far this year. Club members must earn 20 points, OECs must earn 25 points, and board members must earn 30 points to receive club credit at the end of the year.

If your name is in GREEN, you have already fulfilled your requirement of 20 points!
If your name is in RED, you have not earned the 8 points that were mandatory for the first half of the year and you are in danger of being removed from the club OR YOU DID NOT PROPERLY REGISTER

8 points minimum are required by the end of the first semester.
You will need to get points from ALL categories: Outdoor -- Service -- Education -- General
Number of Points for EEC Activities:

All based on the time you spend!
General Meetings: 1 point (You must be present for the entire meeting to receive full credit)
Courtyard: 1 point (required 4 times during the year; twice during the first half and twice during the second half). Do it as often as you want for easy points!
Spaghetti Dinner: 3 points for 3 ticket sold (You must sell three tickets, one is for yourself; this covers club dues) plus 2 points for your shift you worked. You can sell more for more points!
6th Grade Trips: 6 points maximum as deserved, may be less depending on time commitment and dedication during the trip. You also must attend counselor training to go on trips. 2 points will be given for counselor training.
Elementary Education (science fairs): 2 points
Extra Action Opportunities: 2-5 points. Any thing we do, you will receive points for. (Hikes, movies, extra help, etc)
If you do organized environmental events on your own/family be sure to let Ms. Fantini know so you can get points (for example if you do the WVWA creek cleanup with the township).

Points Spreadsheet:

(This is only a viewer and cannot be edited. Use this to keep updated on your points and to know when the next coming up events are! We will try to always be one step ahead of the game and post the next coming event... Remember 20 IS MAGIC!)

any problems email or facebook message.