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Spaghetti Dinner: November 10th, 2016


If you need to bring dessert with you to school in the morning, you can drop them off in the faculty room on the counter, by the coffee vending machine side of the cafeteria. otherwise bring it with you to your shift.

Click on the above to read instructions on the event & selling tickets.
You must sell three tickets (one for yourself to eat; plus $20 this covers club dues and serve one shift/bring a dessert.
Turn in $$/# tickets sold IN ENVELOPE with your name to rm 205 or board member BY MONDAY 10/26 DEADLINE**

If you missed the 11/1 meeting, pick up your tickets from a board member at lunch on WEDS 11/2. MONEY DUE FRIDAY 11/3
sell 3 tickets = 2 points, more tickets sold = more points.
work your shift = 1 points

only first page
you will learn how to serve & signup for a preferred shift to work, bring a dessert on 11/10/15. An extra point opportunity, would be to look at the Ambler Cupboard File, bring at least 3 of those different items to "make a dinner" for a person/family. 3 items = 1 point, 6 items for a meal = 2 points extra