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Pick up or drop off forms at rm 205 folder on the wall

The [[#|Environmental Education]] Club’s mission is to promote getting outdoors, stewardship, awareness & educate members about sustainability and the environment; who in turn, learn to teach these important concepts through exciting activities to students and the community. It is educating the people on the profound effects their daily choices can have on the environment today, and for future generations. The hope is that 9th grade students [[#|start]] as members and get more involved as board members as they get older & experienced. The members are responsible for disseminating knowledge and facilitating Single [[#|Stream]] Recycling, [[#|Energy Conservation]] & "No-Waste” Lunch to other high [[#|school]] and elementary students and teachers. The students have the opportunity to be teachers and peer counselors for the sixth grade science camps at Robbins Park. Members of the “EEC” go into the elementary classrooms and school assemblies to teach children about sustainability.

Our annual fundraiser is The Spaghetti Dinner to earn money to support environmental causes and our other fun activities. Among the other “fun” activities for the EEC members are being a regular at Robbins Park, day/weekend trips for hiking, geocaching, visiting nature centers, rafting and camping locally, at the shore or in the Poconos.
Students can also participate in Environmental Action projects and/or collaborate with local groups or high [[#|school]] clubs; such as environmental cleanups at Robbins Park & Wissahickon Watershed, Festivals at Pennypack Farm, Beth Or’s Eco-Expo and much more.
There are many team building activities and ways to [[#|meet new people]].
www.eec.wikispace.com www.robbinspark.wikispace.com

Sponsor: Lisa Fantini, Director of Robbins Park, Lfantini@udsd.org 215-641-0921

Board members Only:

General Members & Board Members:
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ROBBINS PARK[[#|Environmental Education]] Centerwww.robbinspark.wikispaces.com
Robbins Park is a unique joint venture between U.D. school district and U.D. township. It has been in effect since 1975 through land donations by the Cheston Family, Robbins Family and Westrum Properties and the foresight of school district science coordinators, Dr. William R.H. Ritter and Daniel Jaycox. Dr. Ritter was the first director of science education and Robbins Park. Holmes Lodge was constructed in 1976 by many U.D. township staff, teachers and students. Ruth Almond was one of the first environmental educators at the park in 1970’s and 80’s. Sara Smith, the recently retired director, was instrumental in laying the foundation for the [[#|educational]] lessons used in many [[#|programs]] today. In 1989, the Cheston Center was built as the main meeting place and interpretive center.
The 38 acre park supports over 25 different [[#|programs]] and activities for environmental and outdoor education. They are designed to [[#|supplement]] and enrich Upper Dublin classroom lessons and are aligned with PA Standards. Kindergarten through twelfth grades and community groups may explore the natural world around them through observation and hands-on experience. The park fosters integration of other subjects such as field research, photography, creative drawing, [[#|creative writing]], history, social studies, and language.

Robbins Park educators also sponsor special peer instruction by high school students in the Environmental Education Club (EEC) to mentor sixth and second graders. The sixth graders develop team building skills and participate in a comprehensive environmental education camp for two days at the park. Second graders receive a classroom lesson on a butterfly life cycles from high school students.

Our mission is to empower our students and community to be life long stewards of the environment. We teach conservation of natural resources and promote “eco-friendly” tips for recycling, composting and repurposing items. Students are charged to take ownership and responsibility for the protection of Robbins Park, and the environment.

The park is open to the community during daylight hours for trail hiking, picnicking, and flora and fauna observation. Through the Fall 2013 visit our Storybook Walk that begins at the base of the parking lot. A great way to get the family out in nature!
This past Spring 2 large rain gardens have been built, through a DEP Grant. Check out how homeowners can make an impact on storm water management.
The park offers 10 interpretive signs "Each One Teach One", created by Sara Smith in 2009. Each sign displays environmental concepts, facts and messages for each of us to pass on to someone else. The park is also a drop off site for Abitibi paper recycling and Capri Sun drink pouches (to benefit FORP).
For information on township programs call 215-643-1600 or check www.upperdublin.net. Sorry NO pets or dog walking.